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Perhaps one of the most important steps in creation of any kind of product - is pinpointing its specifications properly. If you've had an interaction with us, or any other professional entity, or even if you have just done some research regarding creation of a technological product, whatever it may be- you probably have already come across or heard the term "characterization".

What does "characterization" stand for?

It's essentially a blue print of the product, it is done before anything else, and it consists of two main things:

A Visual Mock-up

A Visual representation of the screens, typically a Mockup of the UI (User interface), with UX (user experience) taken into account. Working on this allows the service provider and the client to decide on the structure together, and the engineer to assemble a workflow and create a visual that describes those thigs, with the client being able to be involved, give their ok and choose the way to embody what they were imagining and going for.

A Technical Description Document

A Technical document, typically a page or several that describe functionality and links between each of the screens, the relationship between them. It might also describe data analysis processes, contain a content management system functionality description, and any additional information that is meant for programmers and experts to undestand and assess, including details such as filtering & processing of data, database setup and workflow, etc.



In order to producte functional, user friendly and well composed software products - one must plan ahead. If you were to build a building, you would have an engineer create plans first. You would want to know how many stories, how you would be utilizing the perimiter and the space, what it would look like. A wireframe is much like that. From idea to reality, with the help of an engineer who knows what questions to ask you, how to help you bring it into form, without missing anything important,
and doing so in the best way possible.


We are going to stick to the building metaphor here;
Let's assume you were indeed going into a construction project. If you wanted to understand how much cement or steel you would need to buy- as any construction company does, you would have an engineer create a sketch, account for and calculate those things. According to plans and blueprints, you would not only know how much staff to hire, but also how much all of the production would cost, similarly to what we have to do here. We compose a project oriented team structured specifically based on such plans. Thus, that is exactly what a characterization allows us, or any service provider to do- put a price on everything, calculate what it would take to construct, and send out a quote that is based on that. Working on this with us - you would get some say in how much the development would end up costing, due to your involvement in decision making and full transparency from us, as to which features or methods would be more expensive than others, as well as our devotion to efficiency and to being helpful, and our ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions to avoid pricy overcomplications.


In order to approximate how much time it would take to bring a project to life - we need to know exactly what we are doing. At times, of course, things may change or come up during, it is versatile, and we work in a dynamic and masterful agile way, and since projects like this are mostly significat and complex, we can't forsee it with a 100% accuracy in advance, the client or the market may suddenly require a shift in the original plans, however this does allow us to do our best in estimating, and that is very important. A project manager can usually figure out delivery timeframes, break the work down to milestones and tasks, and hence if the project is taken on by a professional team - the estimates are usually close, even if there are insignificant diversions.

So why us, exactly?

Our biggest advantage has to be the fact that our CTO is a system engineer, a programmer & a Ui/Ux expert herself, with 15 years of experience. The combination is very rare to find in just one individal, hence usually it takes a project maganer, a designer and a consulting developer to construct such a thing, and a lot of the times it gets messy, there are miscommunications, and there is no one person with a solid enough understanding of all three aspects, combined - to make up for that and do a good job efficiently and correctly. The technical aspect must be taken into account while guiding the visuals, it is cruicial not to miss details. It is also important in being able to guide the client properly, translating their preferences and their vision into something that is both technically accurate, fully accounted for and user-friendly. A Tech's core values are sevice and quality, hence our CTO will either be working with you herself, or individuals specifically trained by her and overseen by her to do just that- will. We actively assist, support and actualize our clients vision, requirements and objectives. That takes devoted and professional multipotentialites. We have the tools and knowhow to provide superb, functional, and comfortable products, based on correct characterizations that we create; we have mastery of all the various programming languages, the newest and most advanced processes and methodologies for the development and execution of any coded solution. We are here to take you and your business to the next level.


A Tech operates as a house of technology, mainly revolving around the delicate art of sofware creation. From our experience, planning a technological product always comes with a bright business idea, therefore it must engage with a business plan and a thoroughly calculated financial resolution. Those things influence eachother a lot. Our various ways of contributing to a modern time business start with our ability to bring both those things to the table, and not just for businesses but also for startups, through a venture capital group that we are a part of, and our very own experts. We can work to integrate such plans into the product, and furthermore provide solutions to then bring that model to life, as we also have our specific and long term experience in the fields of design and web-tech, and all the way through branding and marketing. We are a group of highly qualified, experienced and equipped professionals, always ready to take on a challenge.

If you are a startup, please read more about our
Tech incubator / Startup grow-house

So What's next?

Development of software, systems, information management interfaces and customized applications.

We develop anything and everything, custom systems, online stores, cloud-based software, complex applications and basic artificial intelligence and many more things that are all adapted to the personal needs of our customers. After we charachterize the product, we can program it. Let us know what you need and we will tell you how to do it in the most efficient way. We also provide storage and upkeeping services, cyber security, branding and marketing, business development, assistance for startups, and many more things.

We develop for:


All of our developments are adaptable to every device; mobile, tablet, smart clocks, consoles, cross-platform, etc., and are fully responsive.

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