Game Development

Game Development is an art.

The art of creating games by conceptualizing, planning, designing, developing, testing, releasing and maintaining them- may be challanging. Concept generation, design, choice of technology, these are all extremely important and must be done with the advice and guidance of professional and passionate game creators. You'd also not want to count out testing and finally the release of a game into the world, and it's maintanance, upgrades that come down the road, feature expansion, that without harming the existing gaming experience in a proper production process.

For this process a team of game developers comes together, amongst them concept designers, software engineers, experienced gamers, programmers, sound designers, 3D artists and so forth.

The actual stages of game development are:

  • Conceptualizing
  • Specifying
  • Structuring
  • Verifying
  • Coding
  • Documenting
  • Testing
  • Verifying
  • Fixing faults and finalizing
  • Upkeeping
  • There are game engines and various technological and visual options to consider when approaching game development.

    ✔ Is the game meant for mobile, PC or console?    ✔ Which engine would it be running on? Is it 2D or 3D?    ✔ What is the story? Who are the characters? What's the objective?    ✔ What is the actual functionality?

    So where do we come in?

    If you're on this page, means you might need some information about this. We at A Tech are here to explain, advise and answer questions. We are happy to be informative and helpful, and when it comes to creating an actual product for you - we shall analyze your needs, and thus design and develop software to meet those needs.

    Here's how we can help

    At your service are a line of extraordinary professionals, amongst them a team of software engineers, led by our CTO, who can plan and implement any bit of software, application or game and piece it together for the most magnificent and accurate result.

    We have vast experience in incorporating your vision into a technical masterpiece that addresses your requests in the best possible way.

    We work in agile methodology, meaning that you get a front row seat to watching great minds at work. You will be reported to and a full participant in the creation of your product, while we being your vision to life.

    So how does it work exactly?

    We work with you to determine your particular requirements and specifications, finding the best way to achieve your goals from a technical standpoint. We then generate a detailed blue print of the project to be, visual mockup and technical description document. These documents along with the development process and the timeline are clearly laid out for your approval, and then we get to work.

    Technical / Operational programming & some of the technologies that we use:

    (We can create games for mobile, web, desktop, console & other hardware including custom made devices)

    C ++
    C #
    Unreal (Engine)
    Unity (Engine)
    Objective C
    Native (Vanilla) Java Script
    React / Dom / Vue
    React Native (crossplatform app dev)
    Node Js
    Databases (Sql / mySQLi / Mongo Db / Firebase etc.)
    Html / Css (Web structure)

    So what generally makes a game successful?

    Well the best way would be to integrate a good story into a user friendly, fun gaming experience.

    And well, the good news are - We are here to help with all that.

    If you would like to know more, or you have any questions
    Schedule a free consultation, here


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