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What is a startup's path?

Well from the very birth of an idea, and all the way up to the first fundraising round, and even way after that, there are always certain steps that an entrepreneur needs to take in order to reach their milestones and goals. It doesn't matter if this is your first or tenth Start Up, you might always pave a way for your project, and it's always different and unique. Having said that, there are skills you gain, and an ability to maneuver and navigate such a path that comes to you with experience. In fact, the more experienced you are, the more you learn that the most significat asset to have in entrepreneurship - is the people that run the course with you, the minds that can provide valuable perspective, a unique point of view, and their own experience. Here is where you would usually want to consult someone who had done this as many times as we have.

What makes a Start up GOOD & how does it happen?

Here are some of the things we know matter most:


The ideation stage and concept creation are a very important part of the processes for clear reasons. Of course, on occasion and idea that seems silly may actually end up being a huge hit, especially if the execution is on point, nevertheless the idea has to be solid, and to properly be made into a concrete plan of action, which can't be silly, but rather must be well thought out and precise.


When we evaluate a Start up - this is one of the first things we look at to determine if we want to invest any of our time, resources or knowledge into it; This is the way any investor thinks about this, and thus it is crucial that you select the right people to work with. We also look at the inner dynamics and the atmosphere within the team.


In order to be able to attract the interest of investors, advisors, partners and clients - you must be able to present a well prepared and properly constructed strategy, in a professional way. There are usually very specific materials that investors and venturers such as ourselves want to see, to conclude if a project is worth the attention. See the full list and read more here .


Execution is everything. Without that, no matter how quick you are to market, how well you present, how good your teams is, or how great the idea- none of that matters if your execution isn't good. It has to be solving the problem you chose to try and provide a solution to, and it has to do so in the most efficient and convenient way possible, that is also appropriate to your target market.


Being the first to market can provide a good edge, it is generally important to research and follow the market you are aiming for. You must adapt to it, be versatile and flexible, and manage to navigate in a way that will allow long-term survival and thriving of your solution.

What else should you know?

If your startup is technological - you will need to read this .


A Tech operates as a house of technology, mainly revolving around the delicate art of sofware creation. From our experience, planning a technological product always comes with a bright business idea, therefore it must engage with a business plan and a thoroughly calculated financial resolution. Those things influence eachother a lot. Our various ways of contributing to a modern time business start with our ability to bring both those things to the table, and not just for businesses but also for startups, through a venture capital group that we are a part of, and our very own experts. We can work to integrate such plans into the product, and furthermore provide solutions to then bring that model to life, as we also have our specific and long term experience in the fields of design and web-tech, and all the way through branding and marketing. We are a group of highly qualified, experienced and equipped professionals, always ready to take on a challenge.

If you are a startup, please read more about our
Tech incubator / Startup grow-house

Where do we come in?

If we like what we see - we can invest in you, we have various ways to bring value, we can become strategic partners or technolocial parents, advisory board, etc.

Present your idea to us.

If you would like to tell us more, or you have any questions
Schedule a free consultation, here .


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