System Development

Who needs a system and why?

Systems can serve a variety of purposes, from being a back-end management tool for an app or a website (this is called CMS, aka- content management system), all the way to being a standalone structure to manage every single lead and client, employee or process that's happening in your company (these systems are called management systems, or CRM systems, aka - client retention management), etc.

Systems are needed to improve organizational processes, provide clarity and efficiency on funds or human resource, and help you better facilitate and direct what goes on within your organization.

The most powerful way to manage everything without having to do everything singlehandedly, is to have a base of operations; a way to store and analyse data, a system that can function to enforce a specific way to have things done.

The answer is simple:

✔ Business owners in need of order
✔ Firms in need of information management
✔ Organizations that have to perform complicated tasks

Here are some examples of what a system would look like:

To see more - please contact us.

So how does it work exactly?

A Tech provides end-to-end development services and is ready to assist you in conceptualizing, constructing and deploying your perfect solution that will best suit your specific needs. We've been bringing teams of highly experienced professionals together for years, for the creation of many great products. We have what it takes to build the exact system your business requires.

Technical / Operational programming - System development & App development technologies

Bash (Linux based)
C #
C ++
Objective C
Native (Vanilla) Java Script
React / Dom / Vue
React Native (crossplatform app dev)
Node Js
Databases (Sql / mySQLi / Mongo Db / Firebase etc.)

Development methodology

We have teams of system engineers led by our CTO, who shall advise you closely, working with you to determine your particular requirements and specifications, finding the best way to achieve your goals from a technical standpoint. We then generate a detailed blue print of the project to be, visual mockup and technical description document. These documents along with the development process and the timeline are clearly laid out for your approval, and then we get to work.

If you would like to know more, or you have any questions
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